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Supply Update! yes that includes pencil ‘n paper

Well after weeks of ‘making bricks for the pharaoh’ and saying, “I’ll buy it tonight” the purchases finally came through. My main idea for the project was to accomplish a simple LED job; as soon as I found out that there was space near the heatsink I knew I had to put something ‘good’ there and thats what went through my mind when placing items in the shopping cart. So lets see what we got:

-6 different EL Wires
-2× 4″ UV Cold Cathodes
-1× Psychotic LaZer LED
-1× UV LaZer LED
-And many many colored LED’s

Yes I’m fitting a CCFL, I’ve seen other people do it in ‘PSX-Scene’ so it can blow :/ Might seem a lot-o components to fit in a PS2 but I’m sure it can handle it, we’ll have to just wait and see…