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Kamyth (PS2 Mod)

After much hype and patience I present to you “Kamyth” (Personal name for my PS2). Comments are welcome, even negatives ones 🙂

Please give feedback, I like to hear what I can improve on. Enjoy!!!


PS2 Mod Complete!

Yay! After 2 days of splicing, hot glue gunning and 4-20 ounces of coke (soda, not the drug lol ) I have finally made through with the project. The bad news is that I don’t have any pics to show proof but it looks real BA. You’ll see for yourself soon enough 🙂

Just to let you know this is my second case mod I have ever done on a console, but do not be misled by my lack of experience, it looks really Ey3-candy. When I ‘roll out’ the pics I’ll explain where I got my source so you can start modding yours too…

PS2 Progress (0.3)

Perhaps some of you were expecting an in-work-progress of the PS2 mod… well keep waiting :P, life keeps getting in the way and I jUST realized I ran out of wire :O!

For anyone with experience (PC or Console), what is the best AWG wire to work with a 12V source? I need to know whats best so I can go run and buy one.

Feel free to answer in the comments…

Hmm… why not?

Mod a PS2 controller. Seriously why not? Still haven’t ordered my components yet, I’m hoping to get that accomplished tonight. So I got the idea, a multimeter, a drink and got right to work on it… well at least a portion XD

I gave up as I found out my diodes weren’t shining as bright as I thought, but I’m sure it would look nice in a clear ps2 controller :). For now though I’ll leave this mini project aside until I get the console itself working. Btw I finally bought a pencil-tip soldering Iron today (I’ve been using a U-shaped tip, horrible for electronic components).

First Off

Well first off I got rid of the original PS2 case and bought a clear acrylic case (good to see components). Now its time to mod it hopefully by next post I’ll post some work, so stay tuned 😀