I’m alive or am I?

Been a while since my Ps2 project but I’m posting to show I’m still alive ‘n kicking ;D. Life is  a distress and important matters have come up recently so I’ve been distant from my blog.

If anyone has questions on any of my mods feel free to ask. After all I’m here to promote console modders to create their works of art.

Project “Kube” is still ago so its not dead yet, but I’ve already outfitted my gamecube with an XCM – Crystal Case which looks beasty, well at least to me it is. I’m also in progress of buying a Viper GC Extreme to along with the project.

Well I thats all I got to say for now, keep those comments rolling I always appreciate feedback…


Project “Kube”

Coming soon…

Kamyth (PS2 Mod)

After much hype and patience I present to you “Kamyth” (Personal name for my PS2). Comments are welcome, even negatives ones 🙂

Please give feedback, I like to hear what I can improve on. Enjoy!!!

PS2 Mod Complete!

Yay! After 2 days of splicing, hot glue gunning and 4-20 ounces of coke (soda, not the drug lol ) I have finally made through with the project. The bad news is that I don’t have any pics to show proof but it looks real BA. You’ll see for yourself soon enough 🙂

Just to let you know this is my second case mod I have ever done on a console, but do not be misled by my lack of experience, it looks really Ey3-candy. When I ‘roll out’ the pics I’ll explain where I got my source so you can start modding yours too…

PS2 Progress (0.3)

Perhaps some of you were expecting an in-work-progress of the PS2 mod… well keep waiting :P, life keeps getting in the way and I jUST realized I ran out of wire :O!

For anyone with experience (PC or Console), what is the best AWG wire to work with a 12V source? I need to know whats best so I can go run and buy one.

Feel free to answer in the comments…

Supply Update! yes that includes pencil ‘n paper

Well after weeks of ‘making bricks for the pharaoh’ and saying, “I’ll buy it tonight” the purchases finally came through. My main idea for the project was to accomplish a simple LED job; as soon as I found out that there was space near the heatsink I knew I had to put something ‘good’ there and thats what went through my mind when placing items in the shopping cart. So lets see what we got:

-6 different EL Wires
-2× 4″ UV Cold Cathodes
-1× Psychotic LaZer LED
-1× UV LaZer LED
-And many many colored LED’s

Yes I’m fitting a CCFL, I’ve seen other people do it in ‘PSX-Scene’ so it can blow :/ Might seem a lot-o components to fit in a PS2 but I’m sure it can handle it, we’ll have to just wait and see…

Hmm… why not?

Mod a PS2 controller. Seriously why not? Still haven’t ordered my components yet, I’m hoping to get that accomplished tonight. So I got the idea, a multimeter, a drink and got right to work on it… well at least a portion XD

I gave up as I found out my diodes weren’t shining as bright as I thought, but I’m sure it would look nice in a clear ps2 controller :). For now though I’ll leave this mini project aside until I get the console itself working. Btw I finally bought a pencil-tip soldering Iron today (I’ve been using a U-shaped tip, horrible for electronic components).